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  • Tuesday, November 15, 2016
    Trustees discuss 'District of Innovation'
    Brenham school trustees Monday discussed whether they should explore applying for “District of Innovation” status.
    The Texas Legislature passed a bill in 2015 creating “Districts of Innovation.” There are currently 38 such districts in the state.

    Districts must meet certain requirements but gain more flexibility for local control.
    “I believe BISD is already a highly innovative district,” said Superintendent Walter Jackson. “However, we don’t want to fail to take advantage of a potentially wonderful opportunity.”
    Jackson said a team of district leaders has been formed “to explore some of the options of the District of Innovation designation.”
    “After visiting with other superintendents and school districts and further researching the process, we believe this might be in our district’s best interest to explore this more in depth,” he said.
    Jackson called steps needed to gain DOI designation process “a highly public process that will require the community input and board approval.”
    “So we want to begin by being as transparent as humanly possible,” he added.
    Assistant Superintendent Jamey Johnson, in a report Monday to trustees, pointed out advantages of gaining DOI status, including:
    • It allow for BISD to have a more flexible school calendar, including an earlier start date that could help balance the number of academic days per semester.
    • Allowing flexibility for districts to staff hard-to-fill positions such as bilingual and Career and Technical Education certified teachers.
    A possible DOI designation could afford the freedom to hire non-certified teachers, but highly effective experts in their field.
    • The DOI designation may offer some flexibility in staff development and teacher planning.
    Principals from each campus gave brief highlights and updates of how they wanted to improve their campus.
    The board accepted a $20,000 donation from the Booster Club. The money will be used for different sports.
    School resource officers Cpl. Lance Weiss and Cpl. David Webb were recognized as the “You Make a Difference” Award recipients.
    Middle School principal, Peggy Still introduced members from the flag corps, whose members take turns each day putting the flag up in the morning and taken it down in the afternoon.
    Trustees were given updates from the Career and Technology Departments.

    Source: Brenham Banner-Press