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  • Monday, December 07, 2015
    TWC awards Blinn grant to provide training for Stanpac employees
    The Texas Workforce Commission has awarded Blinn College almost $100,000 from its Skills Development Fund grant to provide skills training for 75 Stanpac USA employees.
    As part of the $96,242 grant, Blinn will provide training in courses such as microbial testing and interpretation, forklift operator certification, first aid/cardiopulmonary resuscitation/automated external defibrillators, manufacturing safety, Spanish for supervisors, supervisory skills and manufacturing processes and production.

    “We have worked with Stanpac to identify the types of training that will boost the careers of its employees and help Stanpac remain one of the leaders in its industry,” said Megan Costanza, dean of Workforce Education.
    Stanpac, which has a plant here, has been manufacturing dairy and beverage packaging for companies located throughout the United States, Canada and many locations worldwide for more than 60 years.
    “We are excited to begin this partnership with Blinn College and are very thankful to the Texas Workforce Commission for making this training possible,” said Matthew Witt, Stanpac co-president.
    “The training provided will ensure that Stanpac’s people are highly skilled, allowing us to be both competitive in the markets we serve and provide the best products available in the industry.”
    The Skills Development Fund provides local customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and workers to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce.
    During fiscal year 2013, Texas Workforce Commission awarded 40 Skills Development Fund grants totaling $21.48 million to serve 70 Texas businesses, support the creation of 3,409 new jobs and upgrade the skills of 10,833 workers in existing jobs.
    Blinn’s Division of Workforce Education has secured $1.4 million in Skills Development Fund grants for local business and industry since August 2014.
    “Blinn is excited about the opportunity to partner with more local businesses in applying for these funds,” said Rod Thomas, director of workforce and corporate partnerships. “The training provided through the Skill Development Fund produces better employees who in turn contribute to the community’s economic vitality.”
    Businesses, consortiums and trade unions with more than 100 employees are encouraged to contact the college at 979-209-7205 to explore partnering with Blinn for Skills Development Fund training opportunities.
    Businesses with fewer than 100 employees may be eligible for Skills for Small Business grants, and are also encouraged to contact Blinn for more information.