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  • Friday, April 14, 2017
    Royers Round Top Café coming to Brenham
    There are two things most people notice when they walk into the door at Royers Round Top Café in Round Top: the décor and the pies.
    Soon residents in Brenham will have a chance to enjoy some of those pies and supply pictures for the walls and ceilings without having to make the drive to Round Top.
    Royers Round Top Café is building a new restaurant and mail order distribution point on U.S. 290 just east of Brenham.
    Owners Jonathan and Jamie Royer plan to build next to South Texas Tack.
    “The front façade will look the same, but the restaurant will have a different vibe to it,” Jonathan Royer said. “You will still see the pies when you walk in the door.”
    Royer said he met with architects this week and plans to break ground in a few months. The restaurant is expected to be completed by the end of the year or the beginning of 2018, according to Jonathan Royer.
    The Round Top facility is made famous by pictures, proclamations and notations on the wall.
    “You had better have a good story if you want to put something on our walls,” Jonathan Royer said. “And yes, we are going to keep the Round Top restaurant open.
    “I’ve had that question a thousand or more times.”
    The company sells thousands of mail-order pies each year and ships throughout the country. Jonathan Royer said the company sent pies to the White House after the Sept. 11 attacks and received a letter back from a staff member thanking them.
    They also gathered more than $10,000 in gift certificates and donated thousands of pies to victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Bud “the pie man” Royer hand-delivered the product.
    The restaurant will celebrate its 30th anniversary in May of this year.
    Bud Royer, the funky founding father of Royers Round Top Café, and Royers’ mail order pies, along with his wife Karen and their four children moved to Round Top in 1987, taking over the tiny 40-seat Round Top Café. With no culinary training or kitchen experience, the Royers have built and marketed the café into a well-recognized Texas institution.
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    Source: Brenham Banner-Press