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  • Tuesday, March 28, 2017
    P&Z signs off on development
    The Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a request to rezone an 86-acre tract as a planned development district that will include 300 homes.
    The commission voted unanimously Monday to recommend approval of the rezoning request to the Brenham City Council, which can accept or reject the recommendation.

    Stylecraft Builders asked that the property on the Highway 36 Loop at Dixie Road be annexed into the city. The majority of the property will be for new homes, but there are also areas set aside for commercial and multi-family use.
    In a planned development district, developers agree to concessions such as more masonry on homes and designing in green spaces in exchange for easing of requirements such as minimum setbacks and lot sizes.
    P&Z members, who last week tabled action on the rezoning request because they wanted more information, said their questions were answered.
    “I feel 100 percent better now that we got some questions answered,” said Lynette Sheffield, who also added that the development “will be a great addition.”
    P&Z members did tinker with the planned development district agreement, including reducing a requirement to plant two trees in the front yards of each home to one tree because of spacing concerns.
    P&Z chairman Walt Schoenvogel urged Stylecraft officials to instead plant those trees on the development’s border with the Highway 36 Loop.
    Members also questioned whether street widths (31 feet) and the turning area in cul de sacs would be sufficient for emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and were told they are adequate.
    Brenham City Council members are expected to consider the rezoning request at their meeting April 6.

    Source: Brenham Banner-Press