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  • Wednesday, November 02, 2016
    New homes, remodeling pace building permits
    Homebuilding and a commercial remodeling project paced building permits issued in October by the city of Brenham.
    The city issued 34 permits totaling $2,120,246 last month for new construction, renovations and additions, bringing the year’s total to 327 permits and $42,908,046.

    That’s significantly more than last year, when 279 permits totaling $27,126,088 had been issued through October.
    The largest single permit last month was taken out by Associated Credit Union for its $700,000 commercial remodeling project at 2509 S. Becker.
    A permit for a new Burger King restaurant was taken out, with construction costs at $600,000. That is being built at 1101 N. Park St.
    Seven permits were issued for new single-family homes, with construction put at $570,600.
    For the year, 67 permits ($5,657,885) have been issued for new homes. During the same period last year, 52 permits ($5,832,913) were taken out for homes.
    Other October permits were (the year-to-date totals are in parentheses):
    • Residential renovations — Five permits, $18,978 (50 permits, $515,282).
    • Residential additions — Six permits, $68,965 (58 permits, $568,734).
    • Multi-family — One permit, $10,300 (eight permits, $909,400).
    • New commercial construction — Two permits, $610,000 (25 permits, $22,451,945).
    • Commercial renovations — Eight permits, $807,000 (55 permits, $5,608,850).
    • Commercial additions — Three permits, $11,900 (42 permits, $5,488,797).
    Two demolition/relocation permits were also issued in October.

    Source: Brenham Banner-Press