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  • Friday, September 23, 2016
    Filmmaker says bright lights, economic boom coming to Brenham
    The owner of a media production studio in Brenham says he's open for business and has plans to make an economic impact on the city and surrounding areas over the next several years.
    Roy Burger announced his plans Thursday for his studio, RB Film Productions, at a press conference at his Brenham office. He wants to use his 30-plus years of movie-making experience to offer a range of entertainment media services to people in the area.
    He said in addition to producing the upcoming film The Burning of Brenham, RB Film Productions will have the resources available to produce commercials and music videos, will be able to help with marketing and websites, and eventually will offer a recording studio.
    "We're just going to be a nice complex of whatever you need, right here together," said Kellie Hinze, productions manager for RB Film Productions.
    Burger opened up shop in the business park on Blue Bell Road, just south of U.S. 290. He said it's a great location, near enough to San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worth, and just what he needed to really get the company moving.
    The first major project will be the The Burning of Brenham, based on a book by local author Sharon Brass. The project has been in the works in some form for the past four or five years, but Burger said they soon will start set construction on a plot of land east of Brenham.
    He said once the movie starts shooting -- he's still unsure about exactly when that will happen -- the project could bring around 300 jobs to the area. He hopes to hire the majority of his crew from the surrounding counties and have as many locals that he can help with the project.
    "I'm really looking forward to it, and people are really pumped about it, and it'll help this community financially," he said. "The lick on the economic system here -- you're not going to realize what it's going to do for you. Everybody's going to be pretty tickled."
    Burger had photo albums on display full of movies that he's worked on in various capacities over the years, including stunts for American Outlaws, The Hunger Games and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
    He said major films such as the one he's trying to make take a long time to get from initial talks to the silver screen, pointing to some movies that take as many as 10 to 15 years to get finished. He said The Burning of Brenham won't take that long, but he asked that people understand that these projects take time.
    As for future projects, Burger said he wants to make a miniseries with the 10 years of notes Brass has from research for her book. He also said he owns the rights to eight other books and wants to do something with all of them.
    "We'll be here a while," he said. "There'll be a lot of movies made here, thanks to the good Lord and everybody He put in my path."

    Source: The Eagle