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  • Wednesday, November 16, 2016
    Council to consider tax break resolution
    Brenham City Council members Thursday will discuss a resolution that would provide a tax break for a local industry.
    The council will meet at 1 p.m. in City Hall, 200 W. Vulcan.

    Members will consider a resolution to nominate Valmont Industries’ new galvanizing facility here as an “enterprise project.”
    A company that qualifies as a State Enterprise Project is eligible for reimbursement of the state sales taxes paid on a business’ expansion. It would not affect local sales taxes.
    Valmont Industries is planning to convert a building here that formerly housed its utilities operations into a galvanizing facility.
    The project will cost an estimated $14.8 million and bring 40 new jobs, Valmont officials have said.
    Valmont has already been approved for tax abatement on the project by the city of Brenham and Washington County.
    The council on Thursday will also:
    • Consider the purchase of six vehicles for the police department.
    The department periodically rotates older vehicles with high mileage.
    The police department is requesting three patrol vehicles and three vehicles for administrative staff, at a total cost of $217,328. All six vehicles will be purchased off a state contract.
    • Hold an executive session to discuss the sale of a 3,329 square-foot tract of land to Brenham Wholesale Grocery.

    Source: Brenham Banner-Press