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  • Tuesday, March 08, 2016
    Commissioners OK tax phase-in
    Washington County commissioners today approved a tax phase-in agreement with Valmont Coatings, which plans to move forward with their original project from last year to locate a galvanizing plant here.
    “The use of the tax phase-in incentive will help Valmont Coatings invest in the necessary facilities and machinery, which means increased demand for their customers,” said Clint Kolby, project manager of the Economic Development Foundation. “It will also make the Brenham location more competitive.”

    According to Kolby, the project “will provide a substantial and positive economic impact for the local Brenham economy.”
    The plan will create 40 new jobs in the first year of operation and expand to 101 jobs after five years, company officials say.
    The company will also be investing a total of $14.8 million of capital for this project with $3.5 million of the money going to the existing building and $11.3 million being used to purchase new machinery and equipment.
    “We are looking at reutilizing one of our utility facilities here that will allow us to better leverage our resources here in Brenham and also impact this area in terms of attracting more business,” said Michael Riley, who is currently working as the on-site project manager.
    Commissioners also held an executive session to discuss legal issues pertaining to policies and contracts with towing companies for establishing a rotation log for towing services for abandoned, impounded, junked and disabled vehicles.
    Commissioners plan to come to approve a contract in the upcoming weeks.
    They took no action after this morning’s executive session.
    Commissions also:
    • Approved the appointment of Thomas Stevens to the Washington County Historical Commission.
    • Approved $10,000 in funding to participate in a lower basin floodplain study by the Brazos River Authority.
    • Approved a subdivision variance request on Tigerpoint Road in Precinct 4.