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  • Saturday, January 30, 2016
    Action! Work beginning on major motion picture
    A major motion picture project will begin this spring in the Brenham area.
    The movie, based on the book The Burning of Brenham by local author/historian Sharon Brass, will be produced by RB Film Productions.
    Roy Burger, owner and CEO of the company, has finalized agreements with the city of Brenham and Brenham school district to use properties they own for the project.
    “This project will bring exciting opportunities to the community,” said Jennifer Eckermann, manager of Main Street Brenham. “The anticipated economic impact is extremely promising. Film professionals will work in and around Brenham during the project. This will bring people to our hotels, restaurants and other businesses.
    “Roy will open auditions to local residents in addition to the film stars he will bring in. A longer-term benefit will be the tours offered during and after the project, enhancing Brenham’s tourist industry.”
    Burger said the film could lead to more projects.
    “With the amount of material that Sharon has researched, plans for more projects will follow,” he said.
    “We plan to use the facilities we build here for additional projects in my future, and will also make them available to other film companies.
    “In short, we see Brenham becoming a film hub that will attract film makers and tourists for years to come. The local economy should get a boost during the next year, and continue to grow in the future.”
    A 109-acre tract east of Brenham, the city’s old landfill site, will be the location of “old Brenham,” one of the primary sets needed.
    It will be a replica of Brenham in the mid-1800s where much of the action will take place.
    A smaller “old Brenham” set will be constructed at the same site for the purpose of burning it, to film the actual historic fire. The movie sets will be open for tours during and after production of the first film.
    Burger also plans to establish a production office to house film crews, props, equipment, costumes, catering and other necessities for the project at the former Alton Elementary campus.
    A gym there is expected to be converted into an indoor studio during the filming. Tours of that facility will also be offered.
    “I’m excited about a third tourist attraction that we foresee downtown along the railroad tracks, just south of Commerce Street,” said Brass.
    “The Washington County railroad is a big part of our story and those tracks are in the same location as the first ones laid in Brenham.
    “Roy is arranging for a locomotive, similar to the one first used here in 1861, to reside on a spur of those rails during the movie’s production.”
    Burger said set construction will begin this spring and the script will be completed at the same time.
    “Our plans are to start shooting by summer,” he said. “There are many other places where we could make this film, but I want to make sure that Washington and Lee Counties benefit from the project.
    “After all, this is the story of Brenham, Giddings, Washington County and Lee County. Besides, I love the people in these communities and will enjoy spending time here.”
    Burger’s career in the motion picture industry began 34 years ago. Growing up on a dairy farm in western Austin County, he became a wrangler and livestock coordinator in his earliest film work.
    He then began performing stunts, acting and managing transportation and has spent the past 10 years in various roles such as producer, second unit director, transportation coordinator, livestock coordinator, stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor.
    Burger has worked on 119 feature films, many which have won Oscars. He has also worked on 29 television commercials, eight “movies of the week,” nine television series and one HBO movie.
    He has managed budgets up to $400,000,000 on major films.

    (Brenham Banner-Press)