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  • Thursday, February 02, 2017
    $7 million in building permits issued
    The city of Brenham issued 99 building permits totaling $7,062,111 for new construction, renovations and additions during January.
    About half of the dollar total and two-thirds of the permits, however, were for a single project — renovation of 67 units of public housing in the Northview Circle Drive area.

    Brenham Housing Authority is renovating its Northview Village complex. The permits taken out by BHA total $3,542,281.
    “When we issue permits for existing addresses, we issue separate permits for each address,” said Erik Smith, Developmental Services manager with the city.
    “This is more for internal purposes and inspections as they get called in. This helps us know where we need to go.
    “The total number (of permits) is a bit deceiving because of this. It is all related to the same overall project.”
    Stanpac, which manufactures ice cream containers for Blue Bell Creameries, took out a permit for a new commercial building with construction costs estimated at $400,000.
    Homebuilding in 2017 got off to a fast start, with the city issuing six permits ($717,146) for new residences during January.
    Other permits issued during January were:
    • Residential renovations — Six permits, $31,691.
    • Residential additions — Three permits, $79,739.
    • New commercial construction — Five permits, $2,498,560.
    That includes a $1,583,360 permit issued to the Brenham Economic Development Foundation for expansion of the A.W. Hodde Jr. Technical Education Center at 3006 S. Blue Bell Road.
    • Commercial renovations — Seven permits, $123,300.
    • Commercial additions — Four permits, $67,400.
    During January 2016, 22 permits totaling $2,045,536 were issued by the city.

    Source: Brenham Banner-Press